Petra_LogoPetra RMS is a full-service risk management and insurance firm focused on advising individuals and businesses on how to protect what matters most to them. Our experienced team works directly with you as a trusted advocate to develop tailored insurance plans that best fit your needs.

Life brings unexpected risks. Petra is here to provide peace of mind and cover what matters most to you.

At Petra, you receive the professionalism, expertise and resources of a large insurance firm, but the presence and personalization of a small agency deeply rooted in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on our innovative technological resources but remain true to building client relationships that go beyond annual policies.

To us, it’s more than just ensuring you’re covered. It’s knowing that no matter the risk, you have a trusted partner who is always available, ready to leverage their resources and carrier relationships for you. Petra understands the impact that loss can have on your family or business, and we promise that your risks are always properly managed.

The Petra Process

We believe that a “one-size-fits-all” policy is not an option. We go above and beyond to deliver risk management solutions that are personalized based on your needs. Whether you’re an individual or corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to analyze what type of coverage is best by taking the extra time to thoroughly understand what matters most to you and how best to protect it.

We invite you to partner with Petra. Together, we will develop a plan that leaves nothing to chance and ensures that as your priorities change, you have a trusted policy that reflects those evolving needs.

The Petra Promise

Petra’s mission is to deliver risk management solutions that insure you beyond a coverage plan. When accidents happen, Petra delivers the personalized intangibles that provide our partners with quality, tailored protection.

PETRA, (Greek for rock) is the solid, unwavering support that helps you stay in front of risks.

Since the beginning of time, rocks have served as a trusted foundation, providing shelter and weathering storms. Our partnership ensures a solid ground to stand on during tough and favorable times, and for the one, hopefully rare instance that you may need us most.

We pledge that our risk management solutions bring peace of mind, covering what matters most to you. We invite you to partner with Petra today.

The Petra Difference

At Petra, our risk management method is simple: we listen, get to know you, assess your risks and bring an analytical perspective to serving your best interests. We make insurance one less thing you have to worry about by working with you and not overcomplicating the process.


Trust that surpasses expectations.
At Petra, you are never just a number to us. We are dedicated to serving your best interests with a personalized partnership approach. Our team is constantly reevaluating your risks, and should you need to file a claim or talk through your policy in depth, we are always available to provide the unbiased consideration you deserve.


Blending tradition and creative thinking to equip you with problem-solving solutions.
The risk management world is constantly changing and it’s imperative to stay ahead of the curve. Petra is committed to continuing our education and certifications to provide a blend of traditional approaches, clear thinking and technology. Petra invests in innovative resources while maintaining the tried and true values that are integral to our team.


Decades of knowledge applied to minimize your liability risks.  
Petra provides the advantage of working with insurance experts who have your best interests in mind. You’ll receive layered support from our president to our growing team of diverse employees with extraordinary specialties and proficiency.


Invested in your best interests.
Petra was founded with the purpose of providing risk management solutions to the clients we serve, and we strive to live out that commitment each day. This extends beyond policy meetings, and impacts our drive to build long-term, personalized client partnerships.